Smart, spacious and now even more efficient on and off the road – the CR-V has always been an overachiever, and the new Diesel model takes it even further.


Fuel efficiency* (manual only)


Torque at 2000-2750rpm


Power at 4000rpm

Real-time 4wd

With intelligent control system

Efficiency has never been this effortless

Powerful performance for a fraction of the fuel. It’s a reality with the CR-V Diesel. Whether cruising along the open road or manoeuvring between the city streets, the new CR-V Diesel delivers impressive efficiency without compromising the driving experience.

* The fuel consumption figures quoted are combined and based on ADR81/02 test results.

Automatically controls the speed of each wheel.

CR-V wheel CR-V wheel CR-V wheel
CR-V wheel CR-V wheel CR-V wheel

Downhill without downsides

The Hill Descent Control in the CR-V's automatic transmission takes care of tricky braking so you can focus on charting a steady course to safer terrain. With adjustable and intuitive speed management, downhill driving is no longer a daunting prospect.

CR-V Headlight

High Beam Support System

Here's a bright idea: use a camera fitted to the windscreen to control a vehicle's headlights according to other vehicle lights. The CR-V's High Beam Support System in the DTi-L does just that, so that you can enjoy a safer driving experience.

CR-V wheel
CR-V wheel

Trailer Stability Assist

Detect and correct any potentially dangerous trailer swing with Honda's Trailer Stability Assist system. So when you're hauling a heavy load, you can rest assured the CR-V will keep you on the straight and narrow.